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Implant Retained Dentures.

Experience the freedom of secure and fixed dentures at Aberdeen Dental Implant Clinic. You can again feel the joy of tasting and savouring your favourite foods as well as speaking confidently. Say goodbye to worries about slips or falls and live life to the fullest with implant-secure dentures.

Implant Secure Dentures - Overview

Experience the transformative solution for multiple missing teeth with our premium service at Aberdeen Dental Implant Clinic. Our particular treatment procedure involves using cylindrical titanium implants which seamlessly integrate with your jawbone to anchor securely. These implants serve as the solid foundation for abutments and connect perfectly to the prosthetic teeth. Our goal is to provide a natural-looking result to ensure your comfort and confidence.
Get rid of the inconvenience of multiple missing teeth by restoring them with multiple dental implant treatments. Choose Aberdeen Dental Implant Clinic for a tailored treatment approach to multiple dental implants. We boost your oral health with precision and care.
Implant Secure Dentures

The Benefits of Implants Secure Dentures

Dental Implants

Single dental implants

Revitalise your smile with precision and lasting single implants.
Multiple dental implants

Multiple dental implants

Complete your smile with the strength of multiple implants.
Implant secure dentures

Implant secure dentures

Experience worry-free living with our secure implant-based dentures.
Oral surgery


Prepare for oral surgery with personalised care and support.

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