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Experience expert oral surgery at Aberdeen Dental Implant Clinic. Our skilled dental surgeons provide precise procedures, from extractions to implants and jaw surgeries. Trust us to provide advanced care for your oral health.

Oral Surgery - Overview

Oral surgery includes multiple dental procedures which target your teeth, gums, jaw, and adjoining oral and facial structures. It also involves a variety of dental treatments such as tooth extractions, dental bone grafts, gum grafts for periodontal issues, and corrective jaw surgery.’
Multiple dental conditions may require such intervention which include extensive tooth decay, severely damaged teeth, gum disease, impacted teeth, tooth loss, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), jaw bone loss, etc.
For a comprehensive understanding of oral surgery and its potential applications, consult with our dentist.
Oral Surgery

Types of Oral Surgery

Dental Implants

Single dental implants

Singular tooth replacement for optimal functionality and aesthetics.
Multiple dental implants

Multiple dental implants

Address multiple tooth loss with secure and natural-looking implants.
Implant secure dentures

Implant secure dentures

Enjoy stability and confidence with dentures anchored by implants.
Oral surgery


Expert oral surgery, a smooth and comfortable experience.

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